MARATONE Job vacancies


Below you will find titles of the research projects to be carried out in the MARATONE project. These research projects have been designed to parallel the building blocks of the 2009 EU Resolution on Mental Health (EU, 2009):
  Mental health in youth and education
•  Mental health of older people
•  Prevention of depression and suicide
•  Mental health in workplace setting
  Combating stigma and social exclusion

Each candidate can apply to up to TWO different Research Projects. Each application shall be done separately. There is a researcher position linked to each research project. Clicking the link you will find more information about the research projects, the requirements of each position as well as to whom the applications have to sent.

DEADLINE for applications

For all Research Projects, regrettably, we cannot accept any applications received after the closing date stated on the announcement (Research Project description). Currently, the recruitment process is over.



Research Project 1 The dynamics of the individual health burden and the individual and social impact of mental disorders across the life span.

Research Project 2 Interventions on psychosocial difficulties in brain disorders.

Research Project 3 Interventions on psychosocial difficulties in affective disorders.

Research Project 4 Mental health in neurological disorders: from burden to human rights.

Research Project 5 Developing Interventions for psychosocial difficulties across mental disorders.

Research Project 6 Lifestyle and behavioural influences on cognitive ageing across cultures.

Research Project 7 Psychosocial strain and its work related determinants at the work place.

Research Project 8 Cost-effectiveness of mental health and well-being promotion initiatives, including those in workplace-based settings.

Research Project 9 Depression and deliberate self-harm in young people.

Research Project 10 The foundations of a mental health information system for Europe.

Research Project 11 Development and evaluation of mental health and wellbeing promotion initiatives in workplace-based settings.

Research Project 12 Implementation of human rights in mental health.

Research Project 13 Prevention and epidemiology of depression and suicidal acts in Europe.

Research-Project-14  Schizophrenia across the life span.